But seriously, there's this great little website we all spend way too much time on planning our dream nursery, next diy'er, nail color, Halloween costume, and pot luck recipe. Get ideas for your next photoshoot on Pinterest, it practically plans your outfits for you!

If Pinterest isn't your thing...take a look at these few tips for guidance!

1. Coordinate, do not match!


Gone are the days of the entire family wearing denim pants and white shirts. Seriously... it used to be a thing. Don't make it a thing now. You want to choose coordinating colors and patterns without wearing the exact same outfit.

2. Plan one outfit, then build the others around that

Find the perfect patterned dress or top, then pull colors from it to plan the outfits of everyone else. Try to keep the number of people in patterns to a minimum, as mixed patterns can take away the focus of the photograph.

3. Avoid bright/neon colors.

Neons and reds have a tendency to reflect color onto the skin, which creates unnatural skin tones. Stick to muted and neutral colors for best results.

4. Keep comfort in mind

Ivie Family-Ivie Family-0016.jpg

You'll want to consider the temperature outside when you're planning your outfits. If you or your kids are uncomfortable, it can make for a miserable experience. Try to avoid restricting clothes, high heels, and dress for the season.